A Holiday Wish for Peace and Joy

Indiana State Bar Association member Steven C. Robinson shared a beautiful poem with members of the Probate, Trust & Real Property Section last week. I liked the poem so much that I secured Steven’s permission to share it as an encouragement for all of us to help fulfill his wish.


I know there are many other religions today,
and I wish that for one day and night,
violence and hatred would all go away
and all would give up the fight,
and put away guns and explosives, for only one night.

To sit and talk with each other,
treating each other like sister and brother.
To fill every stomach with good healthy food,
to put every mind in a happy mood.

To pray together no matter what your religion,
to give thanks for the peace, what a wonderful vision.
But I know I am wishing and dreaming a dream,
that can’t possibly happen, or so it may seem.

But then again, maybe it could,
if each one of us would do something good,
for one person and she did the same,
to another and another until none remain,
that have not been touched by the spirit of good.

With only six degrees of separation on this sphere,
it would take little time to touch everyone here.
So take the first step and reach out to one,
And maybe, just maybe, peace will come.

Have a joyous and peaceful holiday.

© Steve Robinson 2014

More information about the poet is available on his website at: http://rwylaw.com/People_Steve.html

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