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2015 Annual Report of the President of the Indiana State Bar Association

By Jeff R. Hawkins, ISBA President, 2014-15 INDIANA STATE BAR ASSOCIATION HOUSE OF DELEGATES FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9, 2015 FRENCH LICK, INDIANA REPORT OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE ASSOCIATION JEFF R. HAWKINS, SULLIVAN, PRESIDENT Madam Chair, Chief Justice Rush, Judge Crone, Chief Deputy Attorney General Light, fellow delegates, friends all: It is my great honor to

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Building Bridges

Jennifer and I had a wonderful time visiting the Kimbrough Bar Association and the Lake County Bar Association this past week. Both groups extended warm hospitality as we reunited with old friends and picked up some new ones. The experiences and conversations of both gatherings left several impressions on me that seem fit for sharing.

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Excerpt of Adapt & Overcome

By Jeff R. Hawkins, ISBA President 2014-15 This ISBA Prez Blog installment is an excerpt of my comments during the Assembly Luncheon at the 2014 ISBA Annual Meeting. A more complete version of the comments will appear in the next issue of Res Gestae. I am posting this excerpt to promote the State Bar’s upcoming

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