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2015 Annual Report of the President of the Indiana State Bar Association

By Jeff R. Hawkins, ISBA President, 2014-15 INDIANA STATE BAR ASSOCIATION HOUSE OF DELEGATES FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9, 2015 FRENCH LICK, INDIANA REPORT OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE ASSOCIATION JEFF R. HAWKINS, SULLIVAN, PRESIDENT Madam Chair, Chief Justice Rush, Judge Crone, Chief Deputy Attorney General Light, fellow delegates, friends all: It is my great honor to

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Entrepreneurial leadership

By Jeff R. Hawkins, ISBA President, 2014-15 If we, the stewards of justice, expect to pass our stewardship along to future generations, we must genuinely consider every sacred cow as a potential sacrifice for the heritage with which our predecessors entrusted us. Lawyers have been innovative and disruptive change agents in this country’s most pivotal

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Canaries in the coal mine

By James Dimos Before the advent of modern technology to detect the presence of carbon monoxide and other toxic gases, miners would take birds (often canaries) into the mine shafts with them.  Since the birds would die from the poisonous air before humans, the canary’s health would provide an early warning of the potential hazard.

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