New Year’s Resolutions

It’s time for New Year’s resolutions (again). I’ve never been very successful at keeping them. Historically, my resolutions have involved fitness or weight loss although one year, to ensure success, I vowed to quit smoking (I don’t smoke, so that year I succeeded). In the past, I have written down my resolution and put it in the bottom of my Christmas stocking so I could pull it out the next year and see how I did. That proved to be very depressing. Last year, my husband’s resolution was to earn 3,000 miles in the year 2015 on his Fitbit. He accomplished this goal by November. Extremely irritating, isn’t it?

This year I hope you will join me in my new approach to New Year’s resolutions. I know it will be just as difficult, but it will also help our health as much as any fitness routine. This year my resolution is to spend at least one hour a week doing something that I really want to do. It can’t be catch up on work or clean the house. It has to be something I truly enjoy doing that I wouldn’t normally do. It might be taking a nap. I might plan a lunch with a friend I’ve neglected or go to the movies with my sister. The possibilities are endless.

As lawyers we are so used to taking care of other people (our clients & employees, not to mention our family), and we tend to forget about making ourselves a priority. We obviously can’t do this all the time or we wouldn’t have a job, but for a minimum of an hour a week, this should be simple. I’m going to write this one down and put it in the bottom of my stocking.

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